10 Love Commandments Poster

10LC Poster

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10 Love Commandments Poster (24 x 36)


  • Reveals 10 Commandments are the deeds of ALL Love
  • Shows how 2 Great Commandments equal the 10LC
  • Explains the Don’t & Do side of each commandment
  • Displays dozens of Bible phrases equal to “Keep 10LC”
  • Includes the eye-opening Salvation Equation
  • Pictures 2 hands & 2 feet connection to 2 stone tables

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This massive 24″ x 36″ (2 x 3 ft) high quality poster will be a compelling reminder to you of God’s 10LC.  It neatly displays in a cool visual way how God’s two Greatest Commandments equal His 10LC.  It explains the DON’T and DO side of each commandment, which reveals how all of Jesus’ teachings (when instructing us on how to live to obtain eternal life), every parable, every story, and every direct teaching on the law were based on keeping the 10LC.  It also contains the amazing Salvation Equation, which authoritatively explains how our salvation (obtaining eternal life) works, carefully revealing how WE have a part to DO, and GOD had a part to DO.  If you understand this simple equation, you will understand all Bible verses concerning salvation.

Then, around the border of the poster is a marvelous list of Bible phrases and terms that are identical in meaning to “obey the 10LC”.  This essential information, along with many supporting Bible verses, are all tied in together with a visually exciting futuristic design.  This poster will make a great addition to any home and appeal to all members of the family, whether it is hung on a teenager’s bedroom wall/door or elegantly framed in the living room for guests to see and be intrigued.


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